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Inclusive Design Institute
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Inclusive Design Institute Workshops

Are you working to comply with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) Information and Communication Standard? Do you need practical, up-to-date, technical training and support in addressing the goals of the standard? The following workshops provide more than awareness and general principles. Participants will receive practical, hands-on experience and knowledge in addressing technical accessibility barriers and in meeting the requirements of the AODA. Participants will be equipped with resources, tools and references needed to create accessible information and communication systems and practices whether it is a Web service, mobile application, kiosk, online application, form, game, video, animation or interactive map.

Participants also have the option of taking their difficult accessibility problems (Web sites, applications, kiosks, etc.) to regularly scheduled inclusive design clinics for personal attention and assistance.

  1. Introduction to inclusive Information and Communication system design and development – an introduction to inclusive user experience methods, interoperability standards and supportive authoring and development tools to create accessible content and applications.
  2. Accessible Digital Office Documents – practical hands-on workshop in creating compliant, accessible digital office documents in a variety of formats
  3. Understanding Web Accessibility – a practical primer in complying to the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0
  4. Accessible Web Applications – how to create accessible interactive applications
  5. Accessible Mobile Applications – how to create accessible mobile applications on a variety of mobile platforms
  6. Captioning – a primer in post-production captioning
  7. Description – a primer in post-production and real-time description of video and other visual elements
  8. Accessible Kiosks – how to develop accessible kiosks
  9. Accessible Way-finding and Geolocation – creating accessible maps, wayfinding and geolocation applications
  10. Personalized Interfaces and Content – how to address accessibility by personalizing online services and content
  11. Accessible hardware and Rapid Prototyping – how to use rapid prototyping technologies to address accessibility barriers
  12. HTML5 and Accessible Gaming – how to create accessible games using HTML5
  13. Inclusive User Experience Design- a workshop for designers in inclusive design methods

To learn more about Inclusive Design Institute workshops visit the Inclusive Design Research Centre's workshop offerings and WebSavvy accessibility assessment services pages.

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