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Reflections of a First-Time Attendee at the Web For All Conference, Montreal 2016

Posted April 25th, 2016 by Jonathan Hung

What is it like to attend the Web For All Conference? Can’t make it to Montreal this year to take part? Elizabeth Neal from the American Foundation for the Blind shares her experiences from this year’s conference. The conference theme this year is “Education for All on the Web”.

Elizabeth makes remarks on Jutta Treviranus’ keynote: “[Jutta] argued that accessibility strategies must recognize that accessibility is relative—to individual requirements, goals, and context—not absolute. Therefore, we need regulations that are responsive and evolving, not static.”

Elizabeth also remarks on Michael Cooper’s talk about Web Accessibility for the 2020’s and the challenges that lay ahead.

Visit “Reflections of a First-Time Attendee at the Web For All Conference” at the American Foundation for the Blind’s website for the complete article.