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Implementation & Information Practices

Researchers are working to answer questions such as: How can inclusive ICT enable greater access in education, health, culture and civic engagement? What supports are needed to facilitate inclusively designed implementation within these domains? What domain-specific inclusive design strategies must be considered in the other areas of research?


Decapod is a project focused on building a low-cost digitization solution that will allow for rare materials, materials held in collections without large budgets, and other scholarly content to be digitized into a high-quality PDF format. This project will work to incorporate the hardware and software necessary to accomplish this goal.


Compareware is a game for 5-7 year olds that attempts to assist those with reading difficulties to 'level up' their vocabulary and their analytical skills in determining similarities and differences between two objects.


CollectionSpace is an open-source collections management application that meets the needs of museums, historical societies, and other collection-holding organizations. CollectionSpace is designed to be configurable to each organization’s needs, serving as a gateway to digital and physical assets across an institution.

Accessible Video Conferencing and Streamed Video

This project will research and evaluate accessible video conferencing and streamed video, identifying online learning barriers and working with experts and practitioners to overcome them and improve accessibility.

Alternative Audio Description

Alternative audio description focuses on making the process of creating audio description inclusive from the beginning of the design process.

Enhanced Captioning

Enhanced captioning focuses on improving upon the existing captioning standards, specifically including colour and kinetic text for television shows and movies.


LiveDescribe is an open source amateur audio description tool that allows users to create custom audio description and upload it to the LiveDescribe wiki. The program automatically detects non-dialogue areas of the media and highlights them to indicate optimal areas for description.


EnACT (Enhanced and Affective Captioning Tool) is an open source captioning tool that allows users to create custom kinetic captions with colors that indicate emotions.


ATutor is an Open Source Web-based Learning Management System (LMS) used to develop and deliver online courses.


The Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure will combine cloud computing with web and platform services to make accessibility available everywhere.

Which Hand?

Many students with different needs have trouble with judging handedness; they don't know left from right. This project will design a game that reinforces the concepts of left/right that is fun and accessible to readers and non-readers.

Accessibility Features for Big Blue Button

Big Blue Button is an open source web conferencing system developed primarily for distance education. This project will apply inclusive design in Big Blue Button as HTML5 features are added.