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Business Case, Policies, Standards & Legislation

The IDI is developing the business case for inclusive design through market and labour trend research and the study of the relationship between inclusive design and innovation. We are bringing together consumers and researchers with disabilities, alternative language and cultural needs and industry leaders to engage legislators, specifications bodies, advocacy groups and consumer communities in inclusive design research.


The Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure will combine cloud computing with web and platform services to make accessibility available everywhere.


Cloud4all aims to develop a complete new paradigm in accessibility, by replacing adaptation of individual products and services for a person with automatic-personalisation of any mainstream product or service, using cloud technologies to activate and augment any natural (built-in) accessibility the product or service has, based on a profile of the user’s needs.

Technologies and Tools for the Open Web

This project is working with the Mozilla Foundation to develop technologies that will expand the inclusiveness of the open web, and to develop tools to enable a broad range of developers to utilize these technologies.

ÆGIS (Ontario)

The ÆGIS (Ontario) project will explore inclusive design approaches to develop an Open Accessibility Framework to address the design, development and deployment of sustainable, needs-based, accessible mainstream ICT.