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Institute for Research in Learning Technologies

York University

York University, located in Toronto, is Canada’s second largest English speaking university. Its IDI projects fall under the aegis of the Institute for Research in Learning Technologies (IRLT). Directed by Dr. Ron Owston, IRLT engages in systematic research and development related to teaching and learning with technology in schools, higher education, and in continuing professional development. Our IDI research focuses on remote accessibility testing infrastructure, accessible gaming, and accessible video conferencing.

The York University facilities include the OpenVULab software application, an accessible gaming laboratory with Macintosh desktop computers, MacBooks, and iPads, a videoconferencing facility, and a Mac Pro server that supports all projects.

Above: Video conference facility at IRLT

Open Virtual Usability Project

OpenVULab is an open source tool designed for remote accessibility and usability testing. The tool is designed to capture remote users’ interactions with their computer screens as well as their microphone audio.

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Which Hand?

Many students with different needs have trouble with judging handedness; they don't know left from right. This project will design a game that reinforces the concepts of left/right that is fun and accessible to readers and non-readers.

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Compareware is a game for 5-7 year olds that attempts to assist those with reading difficulties to 'level up' their vocabulary and their analytical skills in determining similarities and differences between two objects.

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Accessible Video Conferencing and Streamed Video

This project will research and evaluate accessible video conferencing and streamed video, identifying online learning barriers and working with experts and practitioners to overcome them and improve accessibility.

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